Finding A Professional Contractor

Finding an experienced and professional contractor does not have to be an impossible or time-consuming task. Your home’s roof is essential and is what protects you and your family from the natural outdoor elements. In addition, getting a new roof is a major investment, typically running into the thousands so it’s worth doing a little […]

Why Choose James Hardie Siding

You may be wondering why you should choose James Hardie Siding versus your standard Vinyl or Asphalt siding. Well you have come to the right place. Not only does James Hardie siding look good, but it also goes great with metal roofing due to the various color options and accents available. There are many other […]

Metal Roofs Are Not Just Durable but Energy Efficient Too

According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, metal roofs have surged in popularity over the past decade. With that being said, there is no doubt about it that a roof is a key element of any building design along with structural support. In having said that, we now have the ability to reduce our energy […]

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Flashing

Metal roof flashing is critical for standing seam roof applications because the metal roof is not attached using screws along the panels. Metal roofing panels are either seamed or attached using concealed brackets. The only place the metal roofing is attached using screws is along the ridge vent. This allows for the metal roof to […]